Saturday, November 18, 2006

Challenge 93, an egg carton

When really looking at the egg carton on my counter top, I was amazed at how dark the shadows were. I've always played with these cardboard cartons and think they are much more fun than the styrofoam...shows the criteria by which I buy eggs. This was fun in spite of how I struggle to learn watercolor. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Challenge 92, a brown bag

Here is my drawing of a brown paper bag. Shadows are always a challenge for me and yet they are always present so I can't ignore them. I like this subject just for that reason. I think I shall try turning the bag and doing this again and again. Posted by Picasa

Challenge 85, a store in my neighborhood

This quaint little building houses antiques and funky stuff and is part of several businesses in the oldest part of my small city. Seabrook used to be a sleepy little fishing village and the place where wealthy Houstonians came by train in the summers to fish and sail. It borders a channel that runs from Galveston Bay to Clear Lake (which is no longer very clear but is still pretty and home to many marinas). We felt it ironic that we should end up living here in Seabrook as my husband used to visit his aunt and uncle here in the summertime. His uncle was the minister of the small Methodist church.
As a result of the location of Johnson Space Center on Clear Lake, the whole area has mushroomed and now has high rise condominiums springing up along the main thoroughfare which ends up where this cute little shop sits about a block from the bay. Down the street is a Bed & Breakfast in the old parsonage. Posted by Picasa