Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sandy's leaving, boo hoo!

I co-hosted a going away party for my friend, Sandy Pannett, and her husband, Bob. This is a picture of 3 of the Fearsome Foursome who suffered through grad school together. Jane Haley is seated, I'm in the middle (duh!) and Sandy is on the right. Sandy is also my neighbor 5 doors down until Saturday when she and her husband move to Tyler, Texas. I am SO going to miss her...she has been my rock on many occasions and vice-versa. I wish them well on this new adventure but am really sad to see them go. We've been good friends since 1981 and still will be but she won't be a short walk away for sure.
In grad school Sandy was a widow, single mom with 3 teen boys so after class we would go to her house nearby and giggle and scream and talk about all the crazy stuff that was going on. With Sue Verso who now lives in Baltimore, we managed to support each other all the way to MAs and after as we launched into our careers. The Fearsome Foursome still keep in touch and always will hold each other in our hearts.
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Here is the other prize winner...assemblage about 12" high called "Heart in Hand". The chest cavity has a heart inside palm up with a heart in it. The base is a jar lid, the halo stir sticks with washers.
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This is a drawing of Henry, the frequent model for the Life Drawing class at COM. I sewed some pants on Henry after the piece was rejected in another show. I think he looks much better with pants on, believe me. The background is tea stained muslin.
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The whole she-bang plus ribbon and some old lady standing beside it.
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A photo of part of the winning wall hanging.
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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

So much for the waistline

I seldom bake but I've got a thing for rhubarb ever since I had some rhubarb cobbler one summer in Crested Butte, Colorado while training with Virginia Satir.  Virginia had a thing for rhubarb and had discovered a wild patch one summer outside a crumbling house near an abandoned mine high up in the Rockies.  She loved picking wild rhubarb each summer and now I'm hooked.  BUT the problem is ever finding fresh rhubarb in any of the local stores so I have to be content with frozen which is a poor substitute but what's a girl gonna do?  So today I made strawberry/rhubarb crisp with fresh strawberries, frozen rhubarb and an oatmeal topping....so good hot with vanilla ice cream.  No calories here, huh!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


It's been a while since I ventured back into the art world and lo and behold, I've won a first prize in the 2 Dimension mixed media category and 2nd prize in the 3 D category in the annual Summer Juried Show of the Galveston Art League.  I'll try to get pictures to post.  The gallery has come back from Ike with a great rennovation and it looks great!  And Art Walk is bringing over a thousand through it's door.  Awesome!!!
It is always a boost to the muse to have a competant juror say she/he likes your work.  Now back to the studio.
I helped with the registration for the show and we had 177 entries...more than ever which is great and we are attracting artists from a greater distance which means we get more diversity and better quality.