Sunday, April 08, 2012


It's Easter Sunday and I went with my son's family to their Methodist church packed with worshippers and a beautiful choir, screens to show you the words to hymns, etc., the cross in white and gold.  Beautiful!  Wonderful talk by young pastor who evidently doesn't shy away from taking on political issues.
       But there I was again with all these questions running through my mind.  Every time the Apostle's Creed comes up to Jesus being the "one and only son of God", I choke.  I can't buy it.  We are ALL children of God, every last one of us.  All of us living things.  All of us imperfect beings with good and evil in our hearts.
       And we are all connected at a soul level...connected with each other as we try to manage our lives in this manifestation, connected with the animals roaming through the forest, critters in the deep blue sea, the grass we walk on, the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink. 
     Granted Jesus was a great teacher and the Bible is a great book full of tales of lessons on relationships but it ain't the only great books or Jesus wasn't the only great teacher.  We have had others...Buddha, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Billy Graham, Saint Francis..the Koran, the Torah...the list could go on and on.  And there will be more.  Who knows but what someone is writing today another great book full of lessons or new thinking as to how we might better our lives and relationships with each other and the planet. And God is looking over all this and changing as part of her ultimate plan as we truck along doing the best we can with what we got. 
      Guess I've just been a Unitarian too long to ignore some of the exclusiveness of language that occurs in some of Christian and other doctrines.
       I have to look inside at why it bugs me and take care that I don't do the same or feel exclusive toward those who use it.  WE ARE ALL ONE in Spirit.  I'm sure I will get some comments on what some readers may consider blasphemous anti-Christian remarks.  I'm really not anti-Christian, just against the thinking that the-only-good people-in-the-world-are-Christian.  I have met some wonderful Muslims, compassionate caring Buddhists, loving Hindus, wonderful Jews, all of whom practice a different faith but believe in caring loving relationships with all of God's creation no matter what they may call God.