Monday, August 31, 2009


This is a wonderful fun fountain in downtown Colorado Springs. It begins as just a blue dome but on the hour it begins shooting water out like an umbrella and rises to reveal a guy playing a horn. Pretty magical. There is lots of public sculpture around CO Springs. I spent a relaxed week there visiting a friend from high school. We did so many things...a jazz concert at The Secret Garden, the movie "Food, Inc.", a farmer's market with more jazz, a gallery opening at a gallery called Rubbish, a tour of the Garden of the Gods and other spots in Colorado Springs. All this began or followed with some great meals of fresh, fresh organic veggies. And the best pizza I've ever eaten at a place called Rico's. What a great place to music every night of the week somewhere. All this with lots of laughter at memories and other stuff and dining al fresco (something just about impossible here because of the heat, humidity and mosquitoes).
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