Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Where did they go?

This morning early when the sun was barely peeking at the tops of the trees in my yard, this feeder was humming with dozens of humming birds competing for a place at the table.  The other feeder had a couple of visitors, unusual for this one as one tiny fellow had been spending the majority of this time guarding his territory.
But suddenly as if there had been an announcement from Mother Nature that their flight was boarding and soon to depart, the birds were nearly all gone.  All but a couple hangers-on that evidently had not heard the boarding call or would just rather eat.  I guess when it is time to move on it is time to move on.  But oh my, was it fun to watch them zoom here and there.  It must take an amazing amount of food for them to keep up their frenzy of activity.  So relaxing to just sit on the patio and watch them do all the work.  I will miss the little buggers and look forward to next spring when they return. 
But who knows...maybe they will be back tomorrow and were just invited to a better spread down the street.  Keep tuned in...

Friday, September 09, 2011

10 years ago...where were you?

Ten years Sunday I arose early really excited.  I had packed the night before, wrapped the birthday gift.  Now all I had to do was gather my medications, shower and dress and head for Hobby airport.  I would be on my way to Greensboro, North Carolina via Air Tran's cheap flight for my youngest grandson's first birthday party in Charlotte.  It was planned for midafternoon and my daughter-in-law was to pick me up at the airport. 

But Al Quaeda had other plans for me and even much more devastating for thousands of other Americans.  My son called as we were walking out the door and said, "Mom! Turn on the TV!  Something terrible is going on.  A plane has hit the World Trade Center in NY.  And now another one just collided."  My heart jumped to my throat.  All the previous year my son officed in the World Trade Center and slept in the Marriott Hotel there, commuting to Charlotte on the weekends.  Oh my God.  What is happening?  He said to head for the airport with the radio on which we did.  By the time we arrived, another plane had hit the Pentagon. 

Arriving at the airport I told my husband to leave my luggage in the car and let me go in and check and see if planes were still flying.  I raced to the Continental counter which was nearly deserted and asked about the status.  Just as I arrived, it was announced that all flights anywhere had been cancelled.  Shaking I ran back to the car to tell my husband and we drove back home listening to more reports of devastation as the Twin Towers collapsed.  Stunned we sat glued to the TV for the next few days trying to comprehend what had happened.

 I got notice from Air Tran that my flight was scheduled again and though security was increased, I had an uneventful trip to Greensboro.  The country was reeling.  How could this happen?  America lost its innocence that day.  And life would never ever be the same.  What a different world my grandchildren are living in!  I grew up in a world where we seldom locked our doors.  They will live in a world where they are hated just because they live in the greatest country in the world.  It was comforting to play Batman's Robin with my grandson, to eat cake and read traditional stories with happy endings where good always conquered evil.

I pray that they will learn to make a difference, to accept diversity, to stand with courage for love and the greater good.  That will make me so proud, not that I'm not already.