Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Church at the beach

The beach was loaded with seaweed from a recent hurricane that had crossed the Yucatan peninsula. But along with the seaweed were numerous shells. I can never resist gathering a few.
This was a day to just sit and soak in the Almighty as waves rolled in...water, sun, sand. Food for the soul.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Finally "Spring" has arrived

This is the doll I created in Denise Marie Warner's workshop a couple of weeks ago in Santa Fe, NM. She was created from paper and fabric with an armature of PVC pipe and wire. It was great fun and an amazing amount of work. She is about 22" tall and was shipped as she was too fragile and cumbersome to try to get her on the plane. I am so pleased with her and see her as part of a series of dolls on the 4 seasons. Oh geez, did I just add on to my lists of projects? Help! As a paper addict it was a blast pouring through the exotic papers Denise brought to choose a color scheme for my "Spring". So what do you think?