Thursday, August 26, 2010

A new poem about my Grandmother Bonnie

Grandmother Was a Lady

Always a lady when going out,
a black hat sat firmly
on her silver hair gathered in a bun
at the nape of her slender neck.
Eyes as blue as a Blue Jay’s feather
twinkled through lids
crinkled with laughter and hard times
while the white gloved hand holding mine
was certain to remind me
“Act like a lady.”

With elegance, her tall figure
marched me through Woolworth’s
in search of witch hazel for her face,
Evening in Paris cologne and powder,
necessities in her life.
Before bed, silver bun, brown braids unwound,
cascading down our backs,
she led our nightly ritual,
one hundred strokes with the brush,
Jergen’s lotion on the elbows.

Leaving for school in the morning
she would remind me,
“Remember whose granddaughter you are.”
How could I forget?

Kay Cox

Saturday, August 14, 2010

She isn't mad, just meowing which she did a lot of at first but now she has gained a little weight and the scrape on her chin is well, she just purrs a lot. Susan and Bob came to pick her up this morning and she took right to them. I'm so happy to have found a wonderful home for her. She is a precious kitty and a lucky one at that.
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Look what we have here...

Last weekend while working on my computer I heard a definite little meowing at my window. I looked through the shutters and there was this cute little thing staring back at me saying, "Please, please, I'm hungry, tired and thirsty. Won't you please help me?" Well, who in the world could pass this up? So I went out and picked her up as she purred and meowed some more. I brought her some water and cat food not intending that she should come inside as I wasn't sure how Slick and Peanut, resident male cats would take to her. That worked pretty well until my 13yr old granddaughter who adores anything with four legs or fins came over. Then the cat came inside to a little bedroom while we discussed what to do with her. Taylor suggested taking her to the Bay Area Exotic Pets in La Porte where she hangs out a lot. So into the pet carrier tiny Allie (Taylor had to name her) went. Before leaving we set the carrier on the floor for a minute and Peanut proceeded to hiss and growl, not a happy camper at sharing even briefly. At the pet store the owner said she would take her if we cleared up a little scrape on her chin. She was obviously not a feral cat as she sought out humans and demanded attention. And she took to the litter box immediately. So we brought her back home to doctor her wound with anti-biotic cream and to see if we could fatten her up. She was really hungry and has eaten a lot. She took to a little cat tent we had right away and fell sound asleep after eating. Taylor took a nap with her later with Allie tucked up against her neck. So then the project became finding a home for her. And wonderfully after posting a note on Facebook, a wonderful friend became interested. She came by today to take a look and it was mutual love at first sight. Allie will go to her new home on Saturday and we are all so pleased and grateful that she will go to a wonderful, caring couple who will give her lots of love and attention. Happy ending to this story....waaaahoooo!
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Thursday, August 05, 2010

At last I am back in the studio and working on some stuff. I gathered up a few Ampersand panels on sale really cheap at the University Co-op last fall when we were in Austin for the football game. I hadn't used these before and find I really like the firm surface for collage. So here goes and we will see what else develops. The muse is calling, now let's see if I can deliver. I'll take a break, go to the gym and then come back to it and see if it needs more work.
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