Friday, March 18, 2011

At last....spring!

But don't tell the tomato worms.  I'm determined this year that those big green bug-eyed creep crawlies are NOT going to tunnel holes in my tomatoes.  You hear that, worms?  No toucha the tomato.  Some guy at the garden center suggested I use Sevin and I said "But I want to eat the tomatoes...not poison myself I'm not crazy about mixing up a bucket of tobacco juice but if it would keep those suckers out of my plants, I'll do it. I also heard that planting marigolds around them helped keep the uglies away.  They'd be pretty anyway.
So what eats squash that I should be on the lookout for?  We love squash and I'm hoping for a big crop.  Sauted with some onion...mmm, yeah, baby.  
Cucumbers will go against the fence in hopes that they will learn to climb which they didn't do last year and managed to hide a bountiful crop underneath big leaves.