Friday, October 20, 2006

Challenge 41, a local landmark

This strange little building is actually in the shape of a triangel and is no more than 12' in any direction. It has been a Seabrook landmark for over 50 years and sits at the main intersection of our small city at the edge of Galveston Bay.
It began as "Curly's Corner", a bait shop and when we moved to the area over 40 years ago, it sold crab traps, crab nets, shrimp bait, and Coca-Colas out of an old metal cooler. I remember seeing straw hats and old-fashioned bonnets hanging around the small doorway. At that time Seabrook was a quaint fishing village lining the entrance to Clear Lake from Galveston Bay. Shrimp boats lined up along the wharves and Houstonians came down to buy shrimp off the boats. I paid 50 cents a pound for shrimp.
About 15 years ago or more a local lawyer bought the small property surrounded by Highway and Nasa Rd 1 and hired an imaginative architect to design an office from the standing structure. It is such a fun building to look it. The side away from the viewer in the sketch is mostly glass with some mosaic tile work to one side. So "Curly's Corner" has been preserved with imagination and is fully functional as a law office. I haven't never been inside but hope one day to get the view from the inside out. There is room only for one car to park by the entrance. Notice the amazing iron railing in the shape of dolphins.
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Monday, October 09, 2006

This unusual street light was outside of Starbuck's as my grandaughter and I sipped our drinks and sketched last Saturday. It was just one of those rare lovely glimpses of fall and we so enjoyed sitting at an outside table. A young man was getting a voice lesson next to us and singing French opera....a very new experience for my young grandaughter and I rather enjoyed it. Evidently he and his voice coach meet regularly probably annoys some but I thought it added to our experience. Posted by Picasa

Challenge 86

Once again I became more aware of images that I see every day but usually don't absorb. But goodness, there is such a wide variety of traffic signs I think I could fill pages and pages. Posted by Picasa
I had a wonderful Saturday morning with my grandaughter starting with an exhibit of things built from Legos at our local library and then an hour of sketching at our local Starbuck's. The dog was a lively pet on a leash at a table next to us but bounced around so much that we just tried to capture its head. The cup was filled with my usual SF Hazelnut Breve Latte. My grandaughter loves the EDMs and is trying a few of them. This weekend we plan to develop her own blog so that she can share her drawings with her dad. We had so much fun! Posted by Picasa

Challenge 66

A fire hydrant. Some fire hydrants in our neighborhood are actually yellow and blue....but I picked a more traditional one near my house. It was pretty interesting to really look at one. I love the way these EDMs make you really, really look at something you usually ignore. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"My lunch" Challenge

Today's lunch: apple, grapes and cheese. Ink and watercolor in Raffine. Another EDM done. Now to see about dinner. And then on to "Dancing with the Stars", one of the three TV shows I watch weekly. Such fun.  Posted by Picasa

Challenge 84, Bread

Yay, back to working on Challenges at last. Of course I just had to have a Bear Claw from Panera to draw. It was just difficult to leave it alone long enough to find my watercolors. Well actually I plead guilty to having a bite before applying a brush.
This was a treat to myself after a Physical Therapy session....hard work deserves a treat, right? Posted by Picasa

Walking, walking, walking---Yippeeee!

Looky here! Walking. No cane, all gain. At last. I still wobble a little here and there but I can even drive! Wow! Things are definitely lookin up. Now to get pain free. That will come but in the meantime thank goodness for pain meds.

At last I can carry a glass of iced tea to a chair. It tis the little things that one can really appreciate after this kind of experience.
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