Sunday, September 24, 2006

Another view from the hospital...Mrs. Martin

My sketch of Mrs. Martin Mrs, Martin is a tiny, frail little woman with huge blue eyes under enormous glasses who was rolled into the dining hall of the hospital for meals and I was fortunate enough to meet her and dine with her on occasion. She wore this incredible look of innocence matched always with a rather impish smile. She reminded me of Yoda from Star Wars. One had the feeling that she had just found herself in a wonderful dream in the midst of a big party where she was the guest of honor. She may have a touch of Alzheimer's, thus the look of waking up in a whole new world hourly but I loved being near her and in her energy.
One day her daughter, son, grandaughter and great-grandaughter and great grandson joined us for dinner. She was delighted with all the attention and her adorable great grandson about 2 years old wore the same look of innocence in his matching blue,blue eyes. And we all enjoyed her very precocious 6 yr old great grandaughter.
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Teri C said...

This is a neat portrait and she sounds enchanting.

Your potty is a hoot and perfect with the TP on the side.

Lin said...

What a tender and sweet rendering of this woman, Kay!!!

Jana Bouc said...

What a touching story and painting. And what a blessing she has such a loving family.