Saturday, January 20, 2007

A day of shrines and the muse

Wow...what a great day. Here at last is my first shoe shrine. I have been saving this pair of red high heels with the idea of creating shrines a la Michael deMeng. So today I went to a friend's shrine workshop loaded with stuff ready for the muse to strike. And strike she did. The shoe was first covered in Liquid Nails so that the surface would be textured and would receive paint easily. It took longer than I would have thought for the Liquid Nails to dry but finally it was ready to play with.

I used a copper patina mix for the first time and it really works. So cool. I'm all set to move on to the other shoe now.
I also created a male figure shrine from a clear plastic toy which I had been harboring forever...have no idea why I hesitated. I am pleased with both and it just felt so good to spend the day playing with all this "stuff".


Pat said...

A shrine…how cool! Thank you for sharing yours, and it gives me ideas for a shrine of my own.

and, I'm pleased to discover your blog. Thank you for that, too.

casey said...

Interesting work Kay! I really like these. I haven't been to your blog in a while and I love what you've been up to lately. The "sneezing" sketch is truly wonderful!

Betty said...

I agree with Casey. the "sneezing" sketch is great!
I especially like the male figure shrine and the way you set it on top of the chest of drawers. I am not sure about the base the drawers sit on. Seems unnecessary and distracting. Is it for stability??
Wow! I want to see and touch the texture on the shoe. What a great sense of design you have. I like the lizard and frog. The open box-like form at the top looks like an open mouth and balances the the lizard and frog. The beads seem to contain all the "stuff" inside the shoe. The way the object inside the shoe reaches out and hooks on the lizard's leg is nice and so the hand trying to escape!!