Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

Geez, but I love this new tree with all its pre-lit lights. Every previous year I swore DH and I were going to kill each other just trying to get the friggin' lights on the tree. That is a test equal to hanging wallpaper with a spouse. Now this glorious thing just unfolds and plugs in. Holy Moly...we shoulda done this years ago. So there she is...ready to be adorned tomorrow. I might even make cookies for the crew!


Andrea said...

you have you tree up ALREADY??? Well, since I didn't have one at all last year (I got sick for a month!) and you have yours up now, I won't feel at all guity about putting mine up today then!!!
Besides, Beanie's never seen a Christmas tree. I think the photies will be rather spiffy!

winna said...

I sure enjoyed reading all that you wrote---excellent author! That tree has me thinking--might get one---I have help once a week now and it makes all the difference in the world---

Kristin said...

It's so fun to get in the spirit. Your tree is beautiful - and the cookies sound great. I'll be right over. :-)
You can scratch that email I sent you about where's your blog? I was looking at your profile where it said, "Taylor's Art Work" and thinking you were talking about a tailor, not Taylor - and there's not blog entries..I thought you were starting all over again. Duh. Taylor's your it now. Glad to see you didn't delete your blog - and that you're in the holiday spirit. Cheers.