Saturday, February 12, 2011


This is Gracie, my granddaughter's female cat who has found her place or should I say places among the male population of cats in our household.  She seems to prefer up high where she can observe what is taking place in the main room of the house.  However, if her owners are out of the house, she prefers the top of the ironing board in the front window where she can watch for their arrival.  This used to be Peanuts' spot but no more.  When my daughter is home, Gracie tags along right behind her wherever she goes and talks to her.  She would like to play with Slick, our tuxedo cat, but he just kinda looks at her and then she chases him.  We were worried about how they were all going to get along when daughter and granddaughter moved in last November but they seem to be fine.  Slick is happy with his toy mouse while Gracie prefers a small pebble from the fire place.  Peanut prefers the outdoors and playing with the ugly cat from across the street who likes any food better than his own.

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Squeak!! Hope they're mice friendly!! I got a zazzle award - and blogged all about it! Free advertising!!!!!