Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Where did they go?

This morning early when the sun was barely peeking at the tops of the trees in my yard, this feeder was humming with dozens of humming birds competing for a place at the table.  The other feeder had a couple of visitors, unusual for this one as one tiny fellow had been spending the majority of this time guarding his territory.
But suddenly as if there had been an announcement from Mother Nature that their flight was boarding and soon to depart, the birds were nearly all gone.  All but a couple hangers-on that evidently had not heard the boarding call or would just rather eat.  I guess when it is time to move on it is time to move on.  But oh my, was it fun to watch them zoom here and there.  It must take an amazing amount of food for them to keep up their frenzy of activity.  So relaxing to just sit on the patio and watch them do all the work.  I will miss the little buggers and look forward to next spring when they return. 
But who knows...maybe they will be back tomorrow and were just invited to a better spread down the street.  Keep tuned in...

1 comment:

DeAnne said...

May, June, July, August and til now in September......'where did you go?'
Loving to read your words again.