Saturday, April 10, 2010

National Poetry Month

Good grief but this has been a fun but busy week.  I'm tellin' ya...these poets meet and speak all the time and now I'm doing it, too.  Monday night, Coffee Oasis.  Wednesday 4 great guys featured at the Friendswood Library, Thursday night I read at Archway Gallery.  This morning was the monthly meeting of Gulf Coast Poets and featured Sandy Stromberg, a friend who has taught me much and taught me more this morning.  And tomorrow afternoon is critique group which I hope doesn't go on too long.  Whew! 
And I'm writing along and sending stuff to my two dear friends who are willing to read my shit and critique it. 
  And my birthday celebration just keeps going on as more gifts arrive.  I live a charmed life.  Here's a poem I'm working on:

I’ve never been this old before

but I do plan to be a little older tomorrow,

even older, maybe wiser next week.

In this morning’s shower

sliding rolling hills met my soapy rag

where parts once were perky.

Can’t say I miss them,

just not sure where they went.

A wrinkled old lady wrapped in crepey skin

leans out of the recliner

arm wings flapping

as she waves the remote

after Dancing With the Stars.

She sounds and looks familiar,

could that be me?

She looks as though

she could use some cake or chocolate

with a cup of tea.

Let the party begin.

Eat cake and celebrate

another rockin’ rollin’ year.

Kay Cox

April, 2010


Babs said...

You are a TRIP and an ADVENTURE without leaving home! Thanks for all the years of chuckles.

Kristin said...

Cheers to another rockin and rollin year! You're Awesome!

Texas Playwright Chick said...

Love your poem! Crepey skin - don't have it yet, but I fear it. Things are heading South, and not just for the winter either. Love your writing!

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Maybe if I started writing again, I could have as upbeat an attitude about my droopy bits, arm wings and general deline in grace.