Thursday, May 13, 2010

And life goes on...

Tomorrow I go to a book signing for a wonderful friend whom I met on her blog several years ago.  She is a wonderful writer and a young mother who moved to my neck of the woods a couple of years ago.  She writes with astonishing honesty and integrity about the joys and frustrations of being a mother of two beautiful little girls, moving across the country, and adapting to a new culture.  So her new book, Dirty Laundry and Leaps of Faith, a collection of her wonderful blogs, is out in print and I get to join in the celebration.
    And hopefully get inspired to get my writing together into a chap book.  Tonight I read again in Houston at Archway Gallery which is always a good read.  And I invite the muse to come sit on my shoulder and help me decide what to read and maybe become a little more committed to blogging once again.

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Kristin said...

Kay - it was absolutely lovely to see you. As Always.