Sunday, July 04, 2010

Meeting Maggie Black

This is Maggie Black whom my granddaughter introduced me to.  She is 14 years old and an awesome mare and Kate is just thrilled to have her very own horse.  I am so happy for her.  She is living out the dream I had when I was her age.  What is it about little girls and horses?  Maggie trots, cantors and jumps which to Kate's delight and accomplished horsemanship.  So many afternoons are spent at the barn now that school is out.  How they plan to move Maggie to Birmingham I'm not sure but they have already found a nice barn for her.  Kate's cousin, Olivia, is visiting and she is a wonderful teacher for Kate and they share their love of horses.   The weather here has been the 50's at night.  Tonight we will go out on the boat to watch fireworks over the water.  Truly an American celebration complete with family, burgers, hot dogs and beer.

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DeAnne said...

My first comment must be....after scrutinizing the photo of Maggie Black I finally figured out that her back legs are not at an odd angle from her body, nor covered with beige denim!
Girls and horses, a psychiatrist's dream, but no answeres. I think it is a perfect pairing. Big horse, doesn't ask questions, loves to see you, usually does what you ask, doesn't ask questions, is better than most friends' pets AND doesn't ask questions.