Saturday, October 01, 2011


Hey,look out...I gonna bitch and whine.   I ain't no graphic artist.  Really!  Why is it that if one can pick up a brush other folk think it is appropriate to ask me and other artists to make posters for the library, for the cub scouts, for the church?
And then I feel guilty if I decline and then I feel bad because I'm not a graphic artist and end up doing a really crappy job of the whole thing and not at all proud of what I've put together.  I just finished a couple of posters for the church and they look awful but I don't want to spend any more time or any more foam core to try again.  AND I didn't even find out what was wanted on it until yesterday and it is wanted tomorrow and that really pisses me off especially since I had been asking about it for the two months since I agreed to do it.  Now REALLY!
So now I'm tired and cranky and should go to bed.  I think I will.


DeAnne said...

They don't deserve a nice person like you. I say muckity-moo-rats-pee on them!!!

AND I say hugs, kisses, wine and chocolate to you!

from one to another said...

I love your beautiful heading picture on your blog, Kay. And I think the poster is great. However, I understand you bitching--I get it that most of all you are mad at yourself for giving in to...what? twisted guilt? desire to be liked/appreciated? belief in being SuperWoman (which you are anyway)? Anyway, I know you are long over those feelings now.

Kay Cox said...

Yeah, I'm over it and already agreed to do some photography...go figger.