Sunday, August 05, 2012

Geez louise...still no hot water

Dear American Home Shield, I know you consider me a liability at this point and I am beginning to wonder about you.  But I live in a house that is nearly 50 years old and shit just seems to happen through no fault of mine or yours BUT I still have no hot water.

The plumber was here Saturday, bless his heart, really, really nice guy named Adrian Ramirez who is truly doing the best he can with what he has.  It seems that he can't install the new part to the hot water heater because there is another problem concerning the baffle.  Evidently when it was installed a few years ago (by a plumber you, AHS, sent) it is minus some clips that hold up the baffle.  I recall the installation being done by an old guy and a young helper.  We were relieved he had a helper as he struggled to get up the ladder in the attic and we were afraid he might have a heart attack up there.  Evidently the clips were knocked off in the installation and I guess he didn't notice or figured it would last a while without them.  Well, it did until now.  So now we need another part in order to replace the previously ordered part.

Adrian called the "emergency parts" department of Whirlpool, the maker of the hot water heater.  They have the parts but can't ship until Monday. So even overnight the parts won't arrive until Tuesday or Wednesday.  Once again I am to call when the part arrives and pray that Adrian can come back ASAP to make the repairs.  I'm trying to think positively but past experience makes me wonder "Oh geez, what if they aren't the right parts?"  Here we go again?

I am learning to go with the pun intended or maybe it is.  I have figured out that if I wait to shower between 3 and 5, the water pipes in the attic are so warm that if I jump into the shower quickly, the water is hot for a few seconds before it turns lukewarm.  So I shampoo quickly, soap fast and then brace for the cool.  Hey, it works for me thought the rest of the family aren't  happy campers.  Granddaughter tried heating several kettles of hot water for her bath but by the time each kettle had heated, the water in the tub had cooled.   Hubby and daughter are just gritting their teeth and going for it.  We're using paper plates which ecologically bothers us but we do heat water for pots and pans, etc.

I am so happy to report that the light on my ceiling fan has been repaired, is better than before and the electrician was so polite and courteous.  That problem is fixed, thank you very much, American Home Shield.

Now the question:  back to the hot water this what is happening to everyone who has to deal with repairs?  Or is it just the tradesmen under contract to American Home Shield?  Up until this year we have never had a problem.  We've used AHS for years, used it for rental property.  Does this happen to everyone who lives in a house that is over 20 years old?  So frustrating.


Babs said...

Well, if you didn't have this to write about.....which I hate to admit makes me laugh out loud....wouldn't live be hum drum? Just asking?
I would talk to Adrian Ramirez, keep his number for future reference. I can assure you that Adrian knows tradesmen who can fix everything a whole lot cheaper and faster then AHS. THAT"S how I found my subcontractors who worked with me for 20 years.
Good luck to the rest of the family. THAT is hysterical!

Kristin Allen said...

Character building experience! Learning how to go with the flow when the flow ain't going. Oh my! Glad it's resolved. Old houses have a way of keeping you on your toes.