Friday, August 10, 2012


Dear American Home Shield, thank you so very much for your follow up call and generous offer of the gift card for the next service call.  Adrian Rodriquez was here this morning from AZ Plumbing and fixed the hot water heater.  It is working, knock on wood.  We have hot water and I plan to take a nice long shower in a few minutes and wash some clothes.  Mr. Rodriquez is very pleasant and seems to know what he is doing.  I would recommend him to anyone and hope he will coninue under contract to you.
This has been aggravating, for sure, but there is nothing that could have been helped and again, I have to be grateful that clean water is available to me 24/7 by the flick of a wrist...more than many in this world can say.
Thank you, AHS...until the next time and I hope that is a long way off.


DeAnne said...

What an ordeal! I admire your sanity.
Much love and hot water,

DeAnne said...

May you continue to be in hot water!
It makes your life more exciting.