Friday, July 12, 2013

Texas War on Women's Choices

I am just so angry, disappointed and upset with the Texas Legislature and Gov. Big Hair Perry I had to write about it:

Texas War on Women’s Choices
I am lying in the knives thrown at women
by the Republican Legislators
Bless Sen. Wendy Davis in her pink shoes
Standing up for women’s rights to health care

How is it that hand guns are allowed in the chamber
Tampons, sanitary napkins are confiscated
Should they be registered at the local gun shop
Danger that they are

I feel the threat aimed
At the health care of Texas women
Knives aimed at their bellies
Slicing through the right of choice

Knives aimed to remove
Thirty-seven clinics serving women across the State
Only five, in Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas
Would remain, none in rural areas or West Texas

Leaving many women of lower income
Without access to mammograms, pap smears, wellness exams
Choices in family planning
Choices in how they will live out their lives

You regressives are sending us back in time
When many women died
Following their desperate attempts
To abort with coat hangers

Are your minds so clouded
Holding on to office and to religious dogma
That you cannot see that we will all pay
For the emergency care of these women without clinics

Or did Rick Perry’s sister, Milla Perry Jones,
Buy your votes, promise reelection
For protecting Ambulatory Surgery Centers
Physician Hospitals

Stop this insanity!
Vote 2014


Kay Cox


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DeAnne said...

I hear the sincerity in your words and I admire you for writing them.