Friday, June 13, 2008

The other quilt in the TAACL show. This is of my husband who has been involved in the space program for over 45 years. I started to name it "Space cadet" but decided he might not accept that label so this will have to do.
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Karen said...

Great Quilts.. I like your blog and your philosophy of life. I found your Taylor's Art Work blog and there is nothing there so I followed link to Yahoo blog... and from that one to this one.
I signed in to yahoo as my yahoo ID, Quiltmaven, in order to be added as a friend before I found this one.
I found you by clicking on the Il Divo link on my personal page. I love the way the internet is a giant (spider) web connecting people who would normally never meet.

I'm enjoying your posts and relating to much of it.

Kay Cox said...

Karen, Taylor's Art Blog belongs to my grandaughter who has at this point totally forgotten about it. She used to have some drawings on it but perhaps they have disappeared.