Monday, June 16, 2008

Starbuck poetry

The girl in the “fuck me” shoes

All heads turned including mine
as she walked up to the counter,
the girl in the “fuck me” shoes,
You know, the high heel see-through plastic ones
brightly painted toes spreading at the end.
That’s what caught my eye
but others probably went to the bleached blonde hair
framing dramatic make-up and bright red lips.
Perhaps the tight black skirt with its hem
midway up a tan and shapely thigh
caught their eye.
Under the halter top with a pristine white collar.
lay a gold and shiny buckle
trapped in cleavage of bursting boobs.
Heads turned, yes, indeed, as she picked up her coffee
headed for her Hummer parked just outside.
leaving us all to wonder
“What might her day job be?”
@Kay Cox


Knitting Painter Woman said...

Are you sure you aren't in Dallas?!
Love the departure!

Kristin said...

Oh My God - she's fabulous. Isn't Starbucks great - Everyone seems to need coffee nowadays, it's such a great place to people watch. I love this poem and the painting. She was truly inspiring for you. Hee hee!

Alberta whine said...

Everytone's a star at bucks!