Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yesterday we went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to see the DeVinci exhibit. Wow!
What a genius this man was! He actually had the orginal idea of so many machines like the airplane, the car, an army tank. So amazing. I was familiar with his paintings of the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper but all the machinery was awesome. The museum showed models of his many works including the wings with attached harness, his attempt at flying. Incredible. I came away wondering if there surely isn't an equal genius here today on our planet somewhere that has some solutions to the mess we are in now with the energy crisis, global warming, war, overpopulation, poverty. If you are out there somewhere, dear genius, please speak up. We need you NOW!
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Knitting Painter Woman said...

If there were gentle geniuses (genii?) would they speak loud enough for us to hear? And maybe it takes 200 years for the rest of us to "catch up." Glad you enjoyed the exhibit. We should ask IF or EDM to do a challenge about "invent something we need."

lyn said...

Divinci's work is amazing, one of the firt atr books I bought was his work. Great blog, see you try lots of mediums, love the prints. Continued success

Andrea said...

I went to see this at the VIctoria and Albert Museum in London .... about 18 months ago?? Fabulous exhibition as I remember, and I bought the exhibit book too. Wonderful - glad you got to see it!