Monday, January 12, 2009

What a sky! Can you see the hint of a sun dog? It was much more colorful through my dark glasses but I had to stop the car between LaGrange and Columbus to soak up this glorious sight. We were on the way back from Austin and my annual reunion with friends I have known since grade school. We went all the way through UT together and one was a sorority sister. I packed my giggle box and it got good use. It always feels like going home for all three of us even though none of us has lived in Austin for over 50 years.

The first night we stayed at the Barton Creek Resort...not a great experience. Beautiful setting, crappy room, unhelpful staff...won't go back. It has a gorgeous view of the hill country but they could improve their management. All we wanted to do was visit anyway and we are all pretty laid back and didn't let anything bother our laughter and sharing memories.

One I had forgotten happened in high school at a slumber party we all attended at another friend's home. Our dates for the night were invited in and we played some card game or spoons until it was time to say goodnight. Dates were invited back for breakfast the next morning. We all trooped upstairs to don our baby doll pjs to sleep in a row in a big room upstairs. After a late night of gossip we all shut our eyes and slept until time for breakfast. Our dates returned and at breakfast our friend's little brother played a tape of all the things we had said about our dates the night before. He had hidden a recorder in the light fixture. Oh geez...we could have killed him, of course. Her parents thought it hilarious but we didn't and ask ourselves now as parents would we have let one of ours do that to a sibling and her friends? I don't know.


Kristin said...

Ah - your cup is full again.

Andrea said...

Oh fart! What a story!!!

DeAnne said...

I am soooo impressed that you all were so civilized to have boyfriends invited back for breakfast. I think the morning following our slumber parties our parents were more likely to be signing arrest warrants for our boyfriends. There was a group of guys (not to be named in print) who were the cute, popular studs but they drank too much and often turned quite destructive.