Sunday, January 04, 2009

Wooohooo! I'm gonna be a groupie!

I'm gonna be a groupie for Jerry Jeff Walker when I grow up. His concert last night at the Galveston Opera House was once again such fun with a combination of old stand-bys like LA Freeway and Back to the Armadillo with some beautiful new love songs. And he's sober or at least appeared to be. He had a great back-up band with an awesome lead guitarist. What a guy! We saw him a gillion years ago in Kerrville at the first Kerrville Folk Festival. It was held in the Kerrville City Auditorium before the Festival moved out to Quiet Valley Ranch. He was on with Willie Nelson. Wow!

And the Opera House celebrated its reopening after Hurricane Ike when flood waters ravaged the place. It looks great. Still work to be done but they got it open for the first time for this concert. Walker has played the Opera House the first Saturday in Jan for the last 15 years and his foundation presented the Opera House with $7500 toward repairs. Really sweet!

Anyway I sang along and danced in my seat and reminisced about previous times with Jerry Jeff. What fun! And so grateful I was well enough to go! He's just so damn cute!


Knitting Painter Woman said...

Congratulations! It's always gratifying to watch someone find her "calling." And very happy to know that not ALL of Galveston was swept into the bay. If you happen to be taking photos... maybe an update on The Strand? I loved the art gallery at the westerly end... but only visited it a month or so before the storm...

Kay Cox said...

No pictures but I can tell you that Simply Art simply aint anymore and there is no talk of it coming back. Kathy Buchanan has moved her gallery into Houston somewhere near the Heights I think.