Thursday, February 18, 2010

How did I get to this point?

Still no is a matter finances really.  I would love an Apple but will probably be limited to a PC.  But what I have come to grips with is how dependent I have become in just a decade on this little machine.  The rest of the world seems to run on one and so do I.  Are we just communication sluts?  Addicted to knowing?  I am amazed at the chunk of time I now have without it.  I even rediscovered my handwriting yesterday preparing for my memoir class.  But let me tell you, folks, I don't write as well by hand...I really don't.  thoughts get lost while tediously moving the pen across the page.  Other writers tell me they have a different experience and write first by hand and then edit it onto the computer. 
I was so hoping to have a new lap top for the workshops I'm going to with Max Regan this weekend but alas, I doubt occurs to me I could have a big step toward the new computer if I didn't go to the workshops but I really want to go and will be happy to be there writing by hand while everyone else is clicking away.
Another sign of aging...I rediscovered some memoirs I wrote about 5 years ago and they are better written than what I wrote yesterday.  Darn!...What is going on here?  Is it my memory or just my thinking process cluttered with other stuff?  A bifarcation point?


DeAnne said...

They are not better written; the comparison shows how you have grown.

Kay Cox said...

I think it is my growth that is in question.

Kristin said...

I seem to think stuff written in my past is better than recently written stuff as well. Lots of Authors say you should step away from your work awhile to see what it has to offer - initially it's too close for you to see and appreciate. Now that you see how good it is, can you tweak it to fit into a particular market? Perhaps an article for Skirt magazine?