Sunday, February 28, 2010

Life goes on

I'm back in business...happily ensconced in front of CBS Sunday morning with my new Toshiba lap top and still trying to learn my way around Windows 7.  So far I can't say I'm in love with it as it has some quirky stuff going on but perhaps I will get used to it.  And slowly I'm coming to grips with what I lost when my old one crashed.  But what the hey, it's only stuff and I can create again.
Has anyone tried hooping?  My friend Rowan teaches it and has a full page article this morning in the Houston Chronicle.  Dancing with a heavier hoop swirling around one's middle.  Rowan is teaching it and has lost 50 lbs. and looks great.  I think I'm ready to try it as my workouts at the gym don't seem to be doing something about my middle, darn it.
Friday was a total was the day for my colonoscopy check-up.  If you haven't had this lovely procedure, the prep the day before is the worst, really the worst.  Imagine the worst stomach virus only this time you are experiencing it on out your whole system before the procedure that takes about 20 minutes.  DH took me over at 6:30 am and the waiting room was crowded....geezus, all these folk volunteering for this?  So I was taken to Bay 3, told to strip to my socks and put on the paper gown.  Soon a pleasant nurse named Jackie took my vitals and put in a catheter for an IV.  There must have been 12 bays in this little hospital and they were all full of beds moving in and out.  Soon it was my turn and it was grand Central Station with a traffic jam of gurneys rolling in and out, some with patients knocked out.  I was rolled into the op room and greeted my doctor for the first time and looked around at various screens as I lay under the bright lights.  A nurse came with two vials of the magic stuff and put them into the catheter.  I was out like a light and here comes the problem.  I'm very sensitive to any kind of anesthetic and don't remember anything for quite a while after that.  The procedure went fine, I'm fine and don't have to do it again for 5 years but the problem was afterwards.  My husband said I started falling when I tried to get into the car, the nurse caught me and helped me in.  I have no memory of getting dressed, getting into a wheel chair, being rolled out to the car and barely anything until I woke up in my own bed around noon.  My husband was so worried that I would fall getting out of the car at home that he drove around for a while so I would come to.  He stopped at Starbuck's and got me a giant coffee which seemed to help and got me home and into bed.  So weird to have no memory of all of that.  This drug is designed to allow one to respond but not remember what goes on while you are on it...guess it is kin to the "date-rape" drug.  It is scary to think what could have happened if I had fallen at home.  I think the docs in there are going "ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching" every time they roll another one in.  Not a comforting feeling!  What else would motivate a guy to spend his working hours sending cameras up people's asses? 


DeAnne said...

Isn't there some good use for this date-rape drug? Memory erasers sound useful.
You shoulda gone to my ColoSprgs hospital. I was the only one getting the procedure by my woman doc. I will not share the brightly lit interior photo of my squeaky clean pink colon.

Kay Cox said...

I'm not sharing my squeaky clean photos, either.

Paula Cravens said...

Sorry to hear that your procedure was so challenging. I too suffered through the pre-test clean-out (and I mean clean!!) At least we were "out". My sister-in-law didn't get quite enough anesthetic and was awake through it...NOT to be recommended.

Kristin said...

I would like some of that drug just to have a good sleep. When I had my celiac test, they put me under for about 30 minutes and when I came to, I was like, ummm..can we do that again? That was great for me.

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Versaid (sp?) is not the same as date rape drug... so don't fred about that... but maybe you can insist they don't give you so much next time.
Till then, I'm wondering if it's worse to GET a colonoscopy or give one. Kind of a toss-up.
I liked the colorized image of my bone density test much better than the colon pictures.