Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekly Entertainment from Entertainment Weekly

Sorry I have no illustrations for this....but in a recent article in a popular magazine a performer's vocals were described as a "singing orgasm."  Now there's a thought.  I do recall orgasms that left me singing but I can't recall any singing orgasms by me or any of my partners.  However I'm not ruling out that possibility.  Are there voice coaches for that?  Or would it be a specialty of a sex therapist?  What exactly should I ask when inquiring about this training and how long does one have to train to become skilled in singing orgasms?  Would such a coach take on a more mature student?  Mature, not old, just mature.  And does Medicare cover this service?  I'm trying to imagine just where one's focus might be in all of this.  It sounds trying to pat one's head, chew gum, and rub one's tummy counter-clock wise at the same time but then I'm not a singer.
      I wonder what my husband would say if I suddenly broke out in an aria from Aida or Madam Butterfly but then he is a fan of Gilbert & Sullivan.  Maybe he would be happier with something from the H.M.S. Pinafore...probably better rhythm in that.  Also I wonder if a costume or wig is necessary for this magical experience.  Perhaps we should consider a duet.  We could do ads for Viagra...big or little ones depending on its success.


DeAnne said...

Open your own clinic. Those who can't (or in your case, haven't, yet): teach.
I'm turning up my hearing aid.

Kristin said...

Oh My - that is Funny. I would also like to learn how to have a singing orgasm. Any time you can give yourself your own orgasm without the help of another, it's a great step towards independence. HA!!!
DeAnne's comment is hilarious - because I have a terrible voice. My cat used to attack my feet when I sang, and as a cheerleader, people use to crane their necks to shoot me a nasty look letting me know how awful I sounded. Orgasm for me might mean hell for someone else!