Tuesday, March 09, 2010

For all my writing friends

Esoterica: One of my all-time favorite lists is Hungarian/Canadian/British author Stephen Vizinczey's "The Writer's Ten Commandments." He's given permission to change the word "write" to "paint,"--or to other words for that matter.

1. Thou shalt not drink, smoke or take drugs.

2. Thou shalt not have expensive habits.

3. Thou shalt dream and write and dream and rewrite.

4. Thou shalt not be vain.

5. Thou shalt not be modest.

6. Thou shalt think continually of those who are truly great.

7. Thou shalt not let a day pass without reading something great.

8. Thou shalt not worship London/New York/Paris.

9. Thou shalt write to please thyself.

10. Thou shalt be hard to please.

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Kristin said...

oh, that is good. thank you for that. healing, loving commandments.