Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring has come to Seabrook at last. Every year I look forward to this tulip tree or pink magnolia as some call it bursting forth with it's incredible blooms. And bless her heart even after some really cold temps this year, she is coming forth with her best garment yet. Gotta love this gal!
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katiebrit said...

I have never heard of a magnolia being called a "Tulip tree" before but that is cute and very "Gone with the wind".

I love magnolias and yours is fabulous.

DeAnne said...

Altho I think magnolias and tulip trees are different plants, I really don't care because they are SOOOO gorgeous. Pink shades are evidencing themselves in many of the large trees here (So Carolina). Since this is my first spring I'm not sure who is what. Fun surprises!
Thanks for your photo!