Thursday, March 04, 2010

What? You are going to China?

Well, this should be husband who seems to have Alzheimer's in regard to anything that isn't related to adventures in space.  A true space cadet, he has been invited to give a paper somewhere in China.  He claims a Chinese friend is going with him and I certainly hope so as he can't even get through security at the airport by himself.  His way is paid for by I know not whom and he is so excited.  I think it is great that he have this one last adventure.  He will be 79 next month so I think this is a great birthday trip.  And I emphasize, this should be interesting.  He has lost his cell phone twice in the last few months only to find them both after he had purchased new ones.  Anyone need a phone?  He has been officially diagnosed with Alz and is on Aricept which seems to be helping.  I just hope this guy knows to keep tabs on him 24/7.  When talking about the space program, what should and shouldn't be done with it and the future in space, he can be right on but that is about his limit....sweet, nice, brilliant man who can't remember shit and is hard of hearing.  I told him to tell his friend that if anything happened to him, to cremate him there and just send the ashes that awful of me...probably.  I just hope he can get it together to go by the first week in April.
They will spend two days touring after the conference and his friend will take him shopping but for what?  Seems like everything made in China that I might want is at Walmart.  I am through collecting junk to sit around the house...I want to get rid of what I have now, not add more.  Ahhh...maybe jade earrings?


DeAnne said...

Jade earrings...hmmmm. A good request. When I was in China in 2000(I think), there was nothing to buy in the typical memorabilia categories, certainly no clothes would fit! The earrings, or something jade is a possibility. Hope DH has no trouble. He would be a real plus to the China space program. Maybe he could really screw them up too.

katiebrit said...

A question for you. Does he REALLY have a Chinese friend and was he REALLY invited?

The reason I ask is, when my Mom had early dementia a couple of years ago she swore she had a burglary at her home. She was able to describe the robbers, quote from the conversation they had with her (they supposedly masqueraded as plumbers). It was very real and extremely plausible. We called the police and the fingerprint guys came over but they found nothing. The place was neat and nothing appeared to be missing.

She talked about it for weeks afterwards and read and re-read the letter from Victim support expressing sympathy.

I actually believe there were no burglars and it was all going on in her mind.