Saturday, January 11, 2014

Where is my ???????

Those of you who have ever dealt with an Alzheimer's patient will understand what it is like to just get one out of the house to go somewhere.  No matter how far ahead you plan or how far ahead you tell them that they need to get ready, of course they don't remember any of it.  So it is up to us care partners to monitor the progress step by step and some days all goes well.  And then some days you grit your teeth and wonder if we will ever get in the car after his insistence on checking this and that again and again or missing something.
In our case I have learned to put out the clothes I think he should wear.  This is after a few episodes of 3 shirts with collars layered one on top of the other.  But I haven't been able to dodge the last minute "I can't find...". which usually is his wallet, his calendar, his phone or his keys.  Today it has been his wallet and then his phone.  I located both in the pockets of the pants he wore yesterday.  Thank goodness I can just call his phone to locate it but the wallet has shown up in  a variety of spots around the house...the kitchen, the utility room, his office, the bathroom, etc.  And the phone disappeared twice today reappearing the last time under a pile of newspapers on the breakfast table.  I like for him to carry his phone with him when he walks the grand dog who is visiting for a few days just in case he should get lost or fall.  He has ICE numbers in it as well as wearing a Medic Alert bracelet.  Whether he will remember that he has a phone in his pocket and call has yet to be tested.  But I can call him and sometimes on the third try he will realize that his phone is in his pocket and ringing.
But we made it to our great granddaughter's first birthday party today only a little late and he had a great time.  He enjoys watching babies and little children.  He is shy about holding babies as I think he knows he might not be able to catch them if they wiggle but he loves getting down on the floor with them.  It was a wonderful afternoon seeing him having a good time and eating cake and ice cream.  These joys make all the effort so worthwhile.  I have to remind myself of that when I'm saying for the fifth time, "We are going to Kinsey's birthday party." after he asks  where we are going.


Babs said...

Your posts bring back such bittersweet memories for me. I DO know how frustrating and aggravating and at times, how scary all this can be. I only experienced it for about 8 months, but it is something I'll never forget. No matter how hard one tries to set up places for things to be put so they don't get lost, it doesn't seem to help the situation.
Paul once, when I wasn't there, couldn't find his house and car keys for three days, didn't want to tell anyone, and couldn't leave the house. I wept. He lived way too far out in the country to walk anywhere.
My heart is with you......

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