Thursday, August 14, 2008

An afterthought

Entry for August 13, 2008
Gee, I've never been to a funeral this size and so moving. I was holding it together pretty well until a fireman playing Amazing Grace on the bag pipes came down the aisle of the beautiful church followed by 150 or more firemen and women in uniform. I know now gratefully that my new makeup is indeed waterproof.
The church was surrounded by fire trucks and much so that one might think the church was on fire. The priest described his relationship to Stephen while riding around in his little red sports car (the Mercedez Benz finally gave it up) to the 59 Diner for breakfast and getting a call. His question to him: "Father, do you want to go to a fire or go home? So much for breakfast this morning." And there were at least 400 others in attendance who had been blessed in knowing this extraordinary man. His dept at Baylor College of Medicine sponsored a beautiful lunch following the service and I caught up briefly with friends from my past career. It was great to see interns that I had supervised doing so well now.
Whew! God in his great wisdom took Stephen quickly saving his wife and daughter months of anguish and lots of $$$$. I still feel he keeps my back and always will.

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Knitting Painter Woman said...

I think therapists sometimes develop such a depth of awareness that they are challenged especially deeply by personal losses. I wish you comfort and courage. Lovely tribute. (Irwin Yalom's Staring at the Sun has been a big comfort to me recently, too).