Sunday, August 17, 2008

The anniversary gift

The anniversary gift

Some of you may already know that our 50th wedding anniversary is coming up on Sept. 5. Our son and his wife have gifted us with a fabulous cruise to Alasaka aboard the Princess...something we have always wanted to do. We leave on Aug. 30.
In preparation I could not think of anything gold to give my husband, Ken, that he would want or wear so I decided to write a book of memoirs of our journey together. What a daunting task as there have been so many years and so much has transpired that so far I have only made it up to our children graduating from high school. And I'm well aware that this is only my side of the story and I hope that Ken will feed more memories and information into it. And hopefully there will be many more adventures to come. It is just so hard for me to believe it has actually been 50 years and with the same man....imagine that! I've been married all my life!
The picture is of the quilted cover I have created for the notebook holding my writings. This is the front. I used tea dyed twill, some patchwork fabric and a photo transfer onto fabric. I added ribbons along the spine and may put some beading on it somewhere but for now I'm just writing as fast as I can.


Knitting Painter Woman said...

What a wonderful gift... not only for your dear husband but for generations to come. Congratulations and many happy returns!

Kristin said...

It's Beautiful, Kay! And I'm sure that more than just your husband would have input for the book - your kids, for example, may have a few of their own stories to tell. Geez, this makes me think I should start writing something like this for Mark and I now - so that when the time comes it's not such a daunting task. Such a wonderful gift.