Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm hooked! and need a nap!

I'm hooked!
Not enough sleep for 3 nights in a row but it was worth it! I'm hooked on beach volleyball and just loved watching the US teams play. What an exciting game! Fast and full of strategy and finesse. I had no idea but now I can't stop watching. And the US teams, both men and women, won the gold. And it wasn't just a walk-away...they worked hard for them. May-Treanor and Walsh had to play in the rain and Dalhauser and Rogers played in 100 degree heat. Wow! Sure beat anything TV has had to offer all summer. I loved it but will definitely have to take a nap. This is one time I wish I were 20 years younger and could try playing the game on the beach in Galveston.

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Kristin said...

Yep! I loved watching the olympics this year - it was So entertaining and I can't believe tonight they are over. We watched mens and women's indoor volleyball, but didn't catch any of the outdoor volleyball. And somehow i even missed women's soccer. Dang it. I always am amazed at how fast the olympics pass - and how much of them I miss every year. And then - they don't have them on DVD to watch later.
This year, i really enjoyed watching the trampoline, phelps (of course) and diving. A cute Australian surprised everyone at the last minute and took the gold - very exciting.