Thursday, August 07, 2008


Eduard from the porch

Whew! Dodged the bullet once again and got some much needed wonderful rain and so far, so good on the roof. No big limbs down in the yard and full electrical service. Yay! Good rehearsal I guess. The pantry is full, lots of bottled water and two movies to watch. I don't even think we had any tidal flooding. Thank you, dear Universe/God, for taking care of us one more time. Time to crank up the stereo on the soundtrack from Mama Mia and dance!


Andrea said...

thinking of you.... hope it all goes as smoothly as they can be?!?!

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Ran into a woman this evening who was in Ruidoso while Edouard stalled out on top of them. Flood stage: 6 ft, Water level: 12 feet!! Took out 14 bridges, she said. But her house is on the "side of a mountain" so they were on high enough ground. Hope all is well for you and Ms. Marine Biologist!

Sweet Repose said...

I was living in Florida the year they had the 4 hurricanes make landfall...nobody knows how helpless the feeling is when you can't buy anything. No gas, no air, no shower, 98 degrees and humidity...but when it goes it goes. You just sit and wait and listen to the sounds of the generators in the morning.

Take care,