Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Interesting dream last night.  I dreamed in was at a car mechanic's shop getting my car repaired and began talking with a guy whose truck was there.  He told me all about his dark red truck and I told him I wanted to buy it.  He sold it to me for $1500 and drove it away.  I loved this truck's interior with its plush seats and upholstery and was trying to figure out the elaborate setup on the dashboard...lots of buttons and digital stuff.  I drove back to ask its previous owner how to operate it.  He wasn't there but a woman gave me a chain of small different colored plastic fish with different words on them.  She told me I was to insert them in the dashboard gizmo for different stuff to happen.  I thanked her and left with the chain still wondering what I was going to do with all the gadgets.

I so love it when I have one of these really vivid dreams and will spend some time reflecting on what it might mean.


Babs said...

Did you eat pizza last night for dinner?

Kristin said...

What a great dream! I love all the fish that make things happen. What a crack up.

from one to another said...

I love to read about dreams. I wish I was in a dream group where we could discuss the possible meanings of and ramifications from our dreams. I seldom remember my dreams, even if I say I will. It just starts slipping away segment by segment. But I have had a handful of really startling, amazing, and, I assume, important dreams.