Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hard to believe I'm a Great grandmother but isn't it fun!  Here is that precious Sophie at 10 months.  With both her parents working crazy schedules, we don't get to see her often and she changes so quickly.  Seems like such a short time ago that her daddy was a little older than she is and playing in a sand box in our back yard or with the hose spraying water around.  She will being doing the same soon.
        It makes me feel old seeing how quickly the time has passed.  Goodness, I will be 75 next month and what I used to think of as being a really old lady.  But now I have friends in their 90s which I guess we can call really, really old.
        It is is hard being old in some ways.  I hate the loss of friends I've known for years and family.  My son's sweet father-in-law just passed away after a long, long illness and it seems a month doesn't go by that we don't lose a friend.  Big reminders for me to get off my ass and do all that stuff I said I wanted to do. 
      So what am I doing at 3 am?  Stressing a little over a multitude of things I can't do or fix so I might as well go back to bed.  Not doing too well at this writing stuff either. 

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