Saturday, March 24, 2012

The garden is in...tomatoes, peppers, green beans and squash.  We are experiementing with some new tomatoes (Mexican heirloom) and a white scallop squash.  The temp is supposed to set a record today...87 degrees, highest since 1907.  I hope that isn't an indicator of the summer to come and that these plants can survive the heat for a while.  At least we can water since we are no long in drought conditions.  I even washed down some windows yesterday for the first time in months.  The monarch caterpillars are having a field day on the butterfly bushes.  I hope they will build their cocoons where we can watch a couple. 
Granddaughter and I are off to Froberg farms this afternoon to get strawberries.  Yummm...then 2 of her friends are coming to spend the night after skating.  Should be a busy weekend for sure.

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