Sunday, March 25, 2012

Strawberries and estrogen

I have always wanted to go to pick strawberries at Froberg Farms in Alvin and with my granddaughter's addiction to the fruit, we finally went yesterday.  What a gorgeous day...cobalt sky and bright green acres with rows and rows of beautiful plants dripping with the white, pink and red heart-shaped globes.  We were instructed to pick only the reddest and there were plenty of those.  Obviously the birds had also discovered the luscious jewels as we found quite a few they had tasted but they left plenty for the crowd of pickers that came for the afternoon.  I want to go back even though my back was aching last worth it.  Three plus pounds for $7 something fresh off the vine. 
I took Taylor and two of her friends to the skating rink last night.  A safe (I think) place for teens to meet up and hang out along with a little exercise.  At nine I picked them all up and headed at their request to McDonald's for the first of the feedings then home with a car full of screams and giggles.  Certainly brought back memories of my teen years and those of my daughter and son though boys don't seem to gossip or scream and giggle like girls.  Oh my, I heard more about who was kissing whom and who shouldn't have been and why.
Tori, Taylor, Holly (the dog) and Brianna
      So much for the strawberries.  They must feed the estrogen as the house was full of it last night.  At 1:30 they were all in the kitchen having strawberry shortcake.  I peeked at them all asleep in the same bed like a pile of puppies this morning and that was the last I saw of them until we got home from church about 11:00 this morning.  Cute, cute girls.  Even Holly behaved herself.  But I need a nap!  Whew!

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Babs said...

Your stamina and energy level is amazing........but it IS fun isn't it?