Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sometimes it's the simple things

The simple task of putting on a band-aid led to a real epiphany for me.  Our tuxedo cat, Slick, hates, as in really hates the cat carrier and managed to give me a good scratch on my left wrist on his way in for his trip to the vet to get said claws trimmed.  But what was interesting was the follow-up.  I got out the band-aids and asked for help from hubby in getting it on.  Bless his heart...he just couldn't figure it out and finally I managed to pull it open and get it on the wound.
Later it hit me...that I am alone.  We have had each other's backs for over 50 years  and now he can no longer help.  If I fell or became ill, there would be little that he could do to help.  I have no real back up and it is so sad as I know it is his loss as well.  I can still be there for him but he can't do much for me.  Most of our neighbors work during the day and seldom is there anyone home.
So I better stay damn healthy and upright.  It seemed like such a simple thing but it brought home what expectations I have to let go of.

Thank God/Goddess/ Fluffy, whatever for support groups.  I brought this loss up in group and realized that there were several women in the support group who live in my neighborhood and are in similar circumstances.  I made the suggestion that maybe we could form a seniors group in El Lago and immediately group members started naming seniors on there blocks that live alone.  The idea that maybe we could put some system in place where seniors could be checked on if they wanted.
The group facilitator volunteered to go to City Hall where I suggested she talk to the City Secretary. 

She called yesterday that she talked with the Secretary who asked her, "Do you believe in Divine Intervention?"  Turns out the city had been talking about this for some time and jumped on the idea.  The city will send out flyers, put it in the local newsletter and follow up with phone calls.  The first meeting is Nov. 21 form 10 to 1 and the city will provide snacks, lunch and entertainment.  Holy moly!  Fabulous! 

The potential is exciting.  I read an article about a small community in NY with an aging population who bonded together with an investment of around $200 to keep a resource group on retainer for plumbing, carpentry needs or rides or meals, etc which gave them a discount rate. 
I can see potlucks, trips to interesting sites around Houston using the Harris Co buses for seniors.

So my loss could turn into a gain for us and the whole community.  We have a lot of seniors who are still living in the homes they built in the early days of the space program so we have a lot of gray hairs around.


Verva and Bob said...

Sending love to you dear Kay -- I know that epiphany. I also know several women who check on each other every day--every single day. They call and say "good morning" and text through the day. They are neighbors and the support is two way and invaluable. Good luck making neighborhood connections. Love you my friend.

Babs said...

We have "health groups" of single women in SMA. We exchange health info, meds, drs, # to call, etc. Each partner calls to check on the other each day. That is how Jean Depperschmidt from CL was found after having a stroke! It works.

To tell you a short story - while in West. Va, I came in to find "you know who" ironing. He said, "The iron isn't on". I looked at him quizzically. He then took the iron (which was on) and pressed it on my upper arm. It was on high. I have the scare to this day. He was horrified and took care of me for about 10 days with dressings, etc. for the burn! Please think of things like this was a terrible shock to me.

DeAnne said...

You are a catalyst, my dear, and you've done it again!

Kristin Allen said...

Once a Trailblazer, Always a Trailblazer.