Thursday, October 10, 2013

Another collaged portrait

I'm learning it is very important for the care partner of an Alzheimer's patient to get out into the real world on a regular basis and get together with friends.  Last night The Arts Alliance Center of Clear Lake provided that for me with another fundraiser fun time with some friends from my book club.  An evening of Vino and Van Gogh.  TAACCL provides the canvas and paint and collage material and snacks and wine and wonderful fun artist folk to help.  It was great to just sit back and play with paint...this is the 2nd portrait I've done using images from a napkin for the eyes.  This one has sea shell eyes.and tissue paper hair.  I haven't named her yet.
More good news from last night...
       #1.  I met a friend/former colleague whom I hadn't seen in years and we have a lunch date set up (another recommendation for care partners) .
       #2.  I now know where I can donate all the paper scraps and collage material (think a collection of all kinds of paper stuff for 20 years).  The teacher of these mini-workshops has been donating her stash and can use all this crap I've been saving.  Woohooo!
       #3.  I am sure that wherever we go, I will have to have a place however small to make art....whether it is art journaling or canvases, I must create to keep my sanity and health.
       #4.  Hubby with my help managed to contact a friend who picked him up last night and took him to church for dinner and discussion and he had a wonderful time and even remembers some of what went on.  He is a very happy camper, too.

Today's project:  get off the computer and pack up CDs for the church garage sale.


Babs said...

You are so darn talented in so many ways that it just amazes me. LOVE the collage.
I went to the quilting group today to learn how to make fabric pinecones. Heck, I don't want or need fabric pinecones, but, I DO need this group of women. They are all so creative and talented. I'm hoping it will open the door again for me.......I feel a tiny sliver of light.

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

I am glad art is healing for you Kay and that you are making chances to do it. I wish you all sorts of best wishes!