Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Thank God for humor

There are some funny things that happen around here with the Alz.  The other day while making our bed, I noticed something near my pillow.  I picked it up to find that it was a dollar bill that had been folded and folded into a tiny square.  I showed it to my husband and said, "Hey, I'm worth more than that!".  He replied, "Yeah, ten dollars."  
I have no idea where the bill came from but there it was.


Dennis Webb said...

Kay, my dad (passed from Alz this past May) had a periodic obsession with currency. Twice, he wanted to go to buyers of silver currency to sell his silver half dollars, and I was happy to oblige his enthisiasm. He sold three such coins at one and it was apparent that he just wanted to argue with the other buyer.

Another time, he asked me if there were valuable coins in his dad's ancient toy bank (probably from the 1910's). I said no, as we filled it with nickels in the 1960's to open it and found a few buffalo head/Indian head nickels. Anything put in after that was not valuable, though we could put in a bunch of nickels and see what is in there. Later, I found that he had bashed in the front with tools, ruining this collectable toy for no rational reason. I have this old, damaged bank in my shelf of family and personal treasures (including my ponytail from the '90s).

His childhood during the depression left him suspicious of money and everything that connected with it, and this was his best expression in the last year of his life; my first memory of economics was his assertion that, with inflation, our money will be worth tissue paper!

In his last few months, he had an obsession with carefully folding handkerchiefs. He always had a handkerchief.

All of these behaviours connect with their core values and express who they are. It is just painful to watch, but we have no choice.

lynn colwell said...

Was he thinking tooth fairy?! He can still give a compliment with a wink, anyway. My Dad used to hide money, jewelry, just about anything when he was suffering from dimentia in final days of cancer - my mom and I found the the strangest things tucked away and under for years after he passed away just never a million dollars, unfortunately!

DeAnne said...

Glad to see you are back blogging.
Idea: Could you put your art supplies in a storage unit until you know for sure where you will be and what's happening?
I pray for both you and Ken. You know I love you dearly.
Your old friend,