Sunday, October 06, 2013

Let the battle begin...

Woo hoo!  Let the battle begin.  Hundreds of pro-lifers lined Nasa Parkway with signs this afternoon.  A great indication that Sen. Wendy Davis has them scared shitless.  Fabulous!  I can't wait to get a Wendy Davis sign in my front lawn and on my car.  People, we have just come too far to let this battle continue.  We cannot let a small few take us back to the dark ages.  Women should be given a choice!  That's it!  Plain and simple!  No, I'm not crazy about women having abortions but I'm also not crazy about women getting pregnant when they cannot or should not support the life once born.  Women will continue to get abortions somehow, someway possibly in dangerous situations and we, the taxpayers, will end up paying for their trips to emergency rooms or for their subsequent health issues.  Or we will continue to care for those children they can't support through welfare or other subsidies.  This is crazy!  GIVE WOMEN THE CHOICE THEY DESERVE!  This ain't an issue to be determined by any religious belief.  Believe whatever you want but don't impose it on others.
It is our only reasonable choice!

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