Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Another waiting room

Another day of Dr. appointments...this is drawn in the waiting room of the orthopedic surgeon's office as I waited to determine when my 2nd knee replacement was going to take place. This plump little woman was accompanied by her mother and an attitude. Determined to read her book and ignore her mother she sat very still, lucky for me.
The doc gave me a gel injection and a week to make up my mind as to when to get the surgery. I am terrified as we discovered during the previous surgery on the other knee that I am allergic to Vicodin and Darvoset...holy moly but the substitutes didn't quite do the job. The doc says there are a couple of others we can try but no I have more than a little anxiety about all this.
Just I think I shall just draw my way through this. I should just draw myself a perfectly good knee and call it good.


Jana Bouc said...

Great sketch! You captured her image and her personality. I just knew by looking at her, even before I read your post that she had an attitude. Good luck on your surgery. I used to get sick if I took some pain killers so when I had minor surgery they gave me Demerol pills. They were wonderful--worked really well--too wonderful, though. After only 2 days of taking them I didn't want to stop and had to really insist to myself to not take another. I could really understand how people get addicted to those things. But maybe the dose was too strong as I slept a lot when I took them.

Linda T said...

Aren't plump people interesting to draw? I really like your sketches and have enjoyed my visit to your blog.