Saturday, July 22, 2006

Police chase

More from my sketch book. I have to admit I sat glued to the TV as an armed robber raced through nearby streets and freeways eluding the police for about 2 hours. He was followed mostly by a police helicopter and a news helicopter eluding dozens of police cars by driving through fields, yards, and even a golf course. The guy is 58 yrs old and had robbed a dry cleaners. He obviously was quite familiar with the area and did an amazing job of driving. He slowed down in major intersections and dodged cars as he drove the wrong way down major thoroughfares. Finally at a toll booth spikes were thrown down which blew out his front tires. He continued on rims still giving police a run for their money until he veered off the freeway out of control and ended up in a bayou. There he stayed for a couple of hours with a gun held to his chin threatening suicide. Eventually he was coaxed out by the SWAT team and was taken into custody. It was the wildest ride many police officers said they had ever observed. The miracle of it all is that no one was seriously injured even when the robber clipped another pickup at an intersection. Thank God. Posted by Picasa

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annalista said...

I am slowly figuring this stuff out(the blog stuff)! I ended up being at the Target on Fairmont when all of the chase was ending up. Had to manuveur around to get home to see what the end result was going to be. I will see you Sunday-I know you are glad to get the garage sale out of the way--moving onward!--Ann