Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Vamp Disquised as an Old Lady

What I think of a favorite album, there are several that come to mind but a couple stand out as ones that I can depend on to get my energy moving and my spirits uplifted.  And these two happen to be soundtracks from movies. Maybe I'm attracted to sound tracks because of the visual images that accompany the music.  I know, the music is designed to accompany the images but for me it's the reverse even though I'm a visual artist.

 First of which is Mama Mia.  Images of Meryl Streep and the whole crew dancing in Greece come to mind and I am there yelling "Mama mia, Mama mia," and waving my arms in the air.  I'm smelling salt air under blue skies, watching waves rolling in and looking forward to a plate of moussaka served under the branches of a twisted olive tree growing above the stones of a well washed patio.  Now who wouldn't want to join in?  Add in the memory of seeing and enjoying the movie with my granddaughter who was young enough at the time to still enjoy going to the movies with her grandmother and I'm on a high.

The other album I adore is older and sexier.  I loved the movie "The Full Monty" and laughed til I cried and loved the sound track.  Somewhere in this old woman's aging body is a vamp that gratefully has not totally gone to sleep or wrinkled and dried up into nothing.  I love "The Stripper" by David Rose.  Put that music on and suddenly I am wrapped in black fish net stockings hung from a red garter belt under a bright red teddy and ready to gyrate in red high heels lost in my fantasy.  Of course, a feather boa is draped around my neck and I bump and grind around the room accompanied of course, by imaginary applause and "The Stripper" going full blast.  This is guaranteed to give me a boost of energy.  I think every woman has a vamp inside that begs for a venue however imagined and maybe that is what made this movie so popular with women.  Maybe we weren't just attracted by the possibility of some fine looking bodies stripping down but realized something in ourselves being sparked to recognition.  Love this film and the whole album.  Maybe I will just have to buy a red teddy, rent the movie and watch it all over again while I fantasize my stage and audience.  I might need the teddy to pose for a calendar that my 65+ girl friends and I threaten to make...will keep you posted on that one.

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Paula Cravens said...

Kay, I will dance to Abba with you. And I have two boas if you want to dance to the stripper.
get your teddy!