Monday, September 06, 2010

From 50/50 prompt "left behind"

                 Evidence of Grandchildren

A sofa cushion covered in apologies
wears a bright pink stain.
Magic Markers gone astray?
Batman and Spiderman sit forlornly
in the bottom of the tub
waiting for another battle with Bubbles.
In a bedroom, a bottom shutter has lost a tooth,
no explanation, suspect claimed innocence.
Under the bed a small sock
snuggles with Polly Pocket and dust bunnies
while hiding from its mate.
Where the children’s table sat,
a mysterious blue drawing
decorates the wall and refuses Ajax cleanser.
Finally Green Eggs and Ham are laid to rest.
“I do not like them, Sam I Am.”
After goodbye hugs and kisses
I am left behind full of love,
a tired but happy grandmother
with a sticky hand wondering
where I got it.
Hope they come again soon.
                                                                         Kay L. Cox

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