Saturday, September 04, 2010

From 50 days/50 pages...identity object

Let's see what object in my surroundings define me...oh God, it would have to be the clutter, the collection of objects that are laying around representing all my interests and what is going on in my life.  On the table is my coffee cup that I painted.  It is red on the inside with red and black dots on a white background on the outside with GYPSYCRONE label.  Of course, there are a few books on the table: a novel,
a book on spiritual practice (required reading for a class at church) and a book of word search puzzles.  I'm no good at crossword but do love word search. 
To my right stacked on the floor are bins of fabric, remnants of my sewing and quilting efforts.  The bins are looking for a new home in the house.  They have moved from a bedroom closet in preparation for a daughter and granddaughter's move in next month....aiiiyayaiiii.  Perhaps the attic but only as a last resort.  There is alsoo a tub of photographs, another refugee from the potential move in.  But also out in my search for some photos relating to a memoir I'm writing for my memoir group. Project today is to find somewhere other than the living room for these.  I'm not ready to give them up but that might be the solution but houseguests are arriving in a week and the bins were sitting on the other side of the room when they were here last.  At least they moved across the room.
While I'm writing this, a cat whining at the door has just come in from the outside.  Both cats are new to the outside, another preparation for dealing with the cat that is accompanying the move-in.  They have been only inside cats actively observing the birds and squirrels from the windows while wishing to participate in the adventure.  So now we are introducing them gradually to the outside world.  Slick, the black and white, could care less and is always eager to come back into the air conditioning and his food bowl.  Peanut, however, is curious, eager to explore and just as eager to come inside BUT quickly decides he would rather be outside.  He sits wailing at the door until someone comes.
Of course on my studio table is a drying canvas waiting for the collage pieces to be glued down.  All this in prep for the upcoming Galveston Art League show.  Just two more pieces to go and then I'll clean up the mess. 
I did move the pile of cut-up jeans that are to go in a quilt for my oldest grandson to sit next to the bag of other cut-up old jeans.  I told him I would make him a qult of old jeans to take to college.  It's been a year since he graduated from high school but he decided to work for a while and save some money...a good thing on on fronts as I sure as heck don't have a quilt going.  Wonder if my youngest grandson would like a blue jean quilt for college.  I never finished embroidering his baby blanket but forgave myself as when he was born, he got the quilt my grandmother made for his daddy.  No babies coming soon, thank God, though I miss having any little ones around.
Is it any wonder I can't get interested in cooking?  Well, maybe a little interested.  I have a great recipe for hot crab dip that is made in a crock pot.   
By now I think you get the drift...a picture of me.  But right now a friend called and I'm meeting her for coffee.  Wanna come?  I'm always ready for a party.

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